A Family Operation Since 1997


John Korpaczewski Sr.



Erin Korpaczewski

Vice President

Employee at mainly paving

John Korpaczewski Jr.

Director of Marketing


Kruz Korpaczewski

Director of Operations

Our Story

From humble beginnings…

Welcome to Korpaczewski Asphalt, a family-owned paving company established in 1997 by John Korpaczewski. Armed with determination and a Chevy van whose key was a screwdriver, John embarked on the challenging journey of building his own company from the ground up. The early days were a testament to resilience, as John took on the multifaceted roles of managing, selling, and producing work, all while navigating the complexities of overseeing a growing team.

The relentless work ethic that defined those formative years eventually led to a pivotal moment when another key factor was needed to unlock the company’s full potential.

Enter Erin Korpaczewski, a wife, a mother, and the woman behind the scenes who makes the world go round. Her integral role allowed John to focus on what he does best – sales and the flawless execution of the final product. Together, John and Erin shaped a legacy of quality, dedication, and family values that continue to define Korpaczewski Asphalt.

Integrity and Trust as the foundation for growth…

As the word spread about our quality and craftsmanship, we surpassed our initial expectations. Today, John’s sons, John Jr. and Kruz, play pivotal roles in the company. John Jr. vividly remembers the hard, long nights of his parents’ tireless work during the business’s inception, instilling in him the work ethic he carries today. From their youth, John Jr. and Kruz have been hands-on, always with a shovel in hand. They’ve witnessed the true values of their parents’ hard work, ensuring that the legacy of Korpaczewski Asphalt is not just about asphalt – it’s about a commitment to excellence and a family-driven ethos that withstands the test of time.

Extending to the next generation and beyond…

Upon reaching the crossroads of life, John Jr.’s father encouraged him to broaden his horizons and attend school out of state to explore new opportunities. Despite earning a Business Marketing degree from Arizona state, the call of home was undeniable, and John Jr. found himself drawn back to the roots of the family business. College, though an enriching experience, served as a reminder of his unwavering dedication to the asphalt company.

While John Jr. went off to college, his brother, Kruz, took a different path, choosing to stay close to home. Kruz, often referred to as the glue that binds the team, brings a unique set of skills to the table. Whether it’s turning wrenches as the resident mechanic or showcasing his meticulous attention to detail, Kruz is the indispensable force that ensures the business runs seamlessly.

As John Jr. and Kruz each contribute their unique talents, the Korpaczewski Asphalt legacy continues to thrive. Their individual journeys, guided by the shared commitment to excellence, make our company more than just a paving business – it’s a testament to the strength of family bonds and a dedication to delivering the finest asphalt services in the industry.