What to Expect: Our Paving Process

Choosing the right paving contractor in Southern Maine is a crucial decision for your family or your business operation. We understand the significance of the investment you’re making. While we’ve based our business on delivering the results that our customers expect, it’s always a good idea to consider all of your options. Here’s what you should look for in a paving company.

STEP 1: A Real Conversation About Your Project

You’ll speak directly with experts about your requirements – owners of our company, not outsourced receptionists. This allows us to lean on experience and accurately assess grades, design considerations, and to assist homeowners in making informed decisions.

STEP 2: Site Evaluation and Estimate

You’ll have one-on-one interaction with experts on-site. This personalized approach fosters a sense of security and accuracy in our quoting process, ensuring best possible pricing and outcomes. In these face-to-face meetings, we discuss options and walk you through our meticulous process. Our team takes measurements and presents a detailed estimate, providing you with an accurate understanding of your project’s scope.

STEP 3: Base Preparation and Drainage

We begin with foundational base work and site preparation. The redefinition of edges and removal of existing asphalt, grass, dirt, or unneeded materials. This will set the stage for the evaluation of your current base. Depending on our analysis, additional base material may or may not be required, ensuring a solid foundation for your project. Drainage and overall grade are carefully established, with a focus on water flow away from any buildings.

STEP 4: Superior Base and Settlement

The rough grade stage is followed by a fine grade process using our paving machine. We typically employ recycled asphalt to create a superior base. Large double drum vibratory rollers compact the material, and the area is left to settle for 1-5 weeks. During this time period, we encourage regular use of the driveway to help harden the ground and identify any adjustments that may be needed. This extra time provides an opportunity for final adjustments before asphalt installation.

STEP 5: Asphalt Installation and Completion

When we return for paving, we assess if any adjustments are required, with 99% of driveways typically requiring none.

Our asphalt installation process begins with cutting a new edge into the existing roadway, ensuring a seamless transition from your new driveway to the road. The asphalt is laid with precision through our custom Lee-Boy Paving Machine, featuring an electric-heated screed and 15-foot extensions. We complete the process by steam rolling for proper compaction and a  Korpaczewski asphalt ribbon to keep pedestrians away from your new driveway during the crucial curing period.